22 Most Creative Living Room Book Storage You Have to Know

There is a large decorating decision that greatly changes the appeal of your home and gives it a completely new look after each change. Be it color, style or decoration; these central aspects tend to spend most of our time when planning new homes or even timely renovations. Then there are features that often come as an afterthought. This may not be absolutely important, but we will all love to have it and they add extraordinary aesthetic and functional value to our homes.

In terms of hacking large storage, there are no other IKEA products that function like bookshelves. Bookshelves are quite easy to make out of the box, or you can create and make complicated storage that looks great. Look at the best default bookshelf ever. Continue reading “22 Most Creative Living Room Book Storage You Have to Know”

18 Astonishing Beach Home Decor Ideas You Need To Happy

The view of beach houses is quite luxurious, especially when viewed from the presence of swimming pools in each house. The design is elegant enough to give the impression of a luxury home. However, to maximize the overall layout needs some changes, especially from existing interior design. The broad factor is the advantages of the house. Large areas can be used to create ponds that characterize a beach house.

The use of natural colors and combinations of many colors, in particular, can be used on the exterior of the house provided it does not reduce the artistic value of the house. But of course, you must still consider other factors to remain a dream home for everyone. Continue reading “18 Astonishing Beach Home Decor Ideas You Need To Happy”

20 Awesome Bohemian Living Room Interior Style Ideas

This style is ideal for various functions. Just as the whole style itself is concentrated on a special feeling of individuality, handmade items are an ideal component. There are many styles that you can choose for decorating your home. This is an amazing base that is comfortable and simple to organize. The way the hut also reflects the personality of the people who live at home, so before you choose a style, make sure it complements your personal style and style of intelligence.

Bohemian decorating styles have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and many people use some boho decorating styles to tidy up their homes. Well, there is a boho style to choose from, which will not only give your bohemian a stylish look but also make it your favorite place to live happily. Continue reading “20 Awesome Bohemian Living Room Interior Style Ideas”

20 Best And Awesome Living Room Curtain Decoration Ideas

Do you have a small living room? Making a minimalist living room look is not enough if you only rely on furniture and the color of the walls. If your minimalist living room only tends to refer to the color of the wall and the sofa it will look stiff and unattractive so you need additional accessories such as installing curtains in your minimalist living room. Curtains with mosquito nets can add to the beauty of your living room.

Aside from being a recipe for adding to the beauty of your home interior, minimalist curtains with mosquito nets also have many advantages, initially the installation of curtains in the living room only refers to their usefulness, but now the house is not only a place to live but many make it a form of expression make curtains have many functions. Continue reading “20 Best And Awesome Living Room Curtain Decoration Ideas”

20 Best DIY Side Table Design Ideas For Awesome Living Room Decoration

When most of us consider the interior design and all the ways to transform our space into unique representations of our personal tastes and sensitivities, we rarely pause where the table side is noticed. After all, they are there to serve functional purposes, and since when has it been fully functional?

Side tables are an easy and often overlooked way to add a few edges to the room without having to make a total overhaul. From antique materials that are transformed into industrial pipes, to window panels and even terrariums – it is not difficult to turn a simple side table into a small scale intramural artwork. Best of all, there are a number of DIY side table ideas to ease your burden and budget, so you can make personalizing a fun summer project. Continue reading “20 Best DIY Side Table Design Ideas For Awesome Living Room Decoration”