28 Awesome Succulent Planter Ideas To Enhance Your Home Beauty

The different to add a touch of intrigue? I don’t know about you, but I have completely jumped on board of the succulent craze! These plants are so diverse in color, shape, and size, they can be used in an incredible amount of ways. Not to mention, they survive most climates and can go a long time without water.

The succulents are an impeccable option for decorating a house. They are easy to maintain and very suitable to participate in many DIY projects for your interior and exterior space. There are so many species of succulents too. Therefore, you can enjoy beautiful combinations too. Continue reading “28 Awesome Succulent Planter Ideas To Enhance Your Home Beauty”

40 Incredible Modern Garden Landscaping Design Ideas On a Budget

A modern or contemporary garden is characterized by a sleek, streamlined and sophisticated style. Modern garden designs draw on the simplicity of Asian design practices. Generally, a modern garden places more focus on the architecture and materials than on the plants and greenery. Geometric shapes and repeating patterns are often employed in contemporary outdoor spaces. The main idea is to create a garden that has a controlled and organized appearance.

Taken to its extreme, the sleek materials and minimalist approach of modern landscaping can sometimes seem cold or uninviting. Yet modern design’s emphasis on crafting an organized space and respecting unadorned materials has the potential to create a setting which feels not only friendly and inviting, but also personalized and artful. Shares his tips on designing a contemporary landscape that is less space-age and more suited to the welcoming indoor-outdoor lifestyle modern gardeners are trying to create. Continue reading “40 Incredible Modern Garden Landscaping Design Ideas On a Budget”