18 Easy And Cheap DIY Wall Decoration Ideas You Need To Try

If you are a beginner crafter or want a project that you can do with your little ones, try one of the simplest DIY wall art ideas like fired ink or abstract paintings. Looking for a more mature DIY wall decor? This list has tons of wall art designs for every room in your home from washi tapes to stylish mirrors made of paint sticks! If you are a craft expert, much of this DIY wall art, such as cut canvas and paper weaving, will be a fun challenge for you.

The list below has DIY wall decor projects for every aesthetic from bright and colorful to the countryside to minimalism. Far different from grandma’s embroideries or children’s finger drawings, these beautiful ideas will blow you away! Adding wall art is a simple way to decorate, and many pieces are easy enough to make yourself. We have creative DIY wall art ideas that will change your space. From canvas paintings to decorative mirrors, we have inspiration for every style. Continue reading “18 Easy And Cheap DIY Wall Decoration Ideas You Need To Try”

20 DIY Living Room Wall Home Decor Ideas For Inspiration

The living room is the social center of most homes. No doubt, you see many uses. That’s all the more reason to dedicate extra time to make it extraordinary. Whether you are on a tight budget or just enjoying doing it yourself, there are hundreds of very sophisticated DIY projects out there for prospective amateur designers.

Wall art if you buy it most often at a cost, this is something that people are willing to pay when they find something great and it’s high quality. Remember that a home living room is a busy space that everyone enjoys. This is the room where you most often entertain guests. Families also usually spend family time there, such as watching TV, reading storybooks and playing board games. Continue reading “20 DIY Living Room Wall Home Decor Ideas For Inspiration”