32 Incredible Hanging Garden Ideas For Your Garden Inspiration

There are so many DIY creative ideas on how to make a practical hanging garden, you just need to find one that will suit your space. In the gallery below, we have chosen the most interesting DIY ideas about how to create an attractive hanging garden, with little effort and little imagination. See our inspiration and be productive to start your garden at home.

Creating hanging gardens both indoors and outdoors is pretty simple. Choose a pot that you will use, it may be a usual pot, a piece of gutter, a PVC pipe, an old kitchen colander, a piece of a bottle, a bucket or anything else. Here everything depends on the style of garden you want, on the things you have at hand and the plants you’ll grow. Then decide how you want to secure it all: on poles, on chains or ropes, or just hang somewhere using hooks. Continue reading “32 Incredible Hanging Garden Ideas For Your Garden Inspiration”