35 Gorgeous Christmas Living Room With Fireplace Ideas

There is something so soothing and warm about the decor in the living room paired with a fireplace that warms the atmosphere of the room. This elegant living room is seen in snowy homes in Norway. We like how the room has been decorated with several vintage pieces that tie the decorations to the past. By using fine tulle to decorate the Christmas tree, stars and candlelight, this space includes Nordic inspiration.

Christmas Living Room With Fireplace

Give your home some of the holiday’s flair with beautiful Christmas living room decor ideas with beautiful fireplaces. Starting from dressing up trees to firing fireplaces, we find ways to make every corner of your space fun and lively. Continue reading “35 Gorgeous Christmas Living Room With Fireplace Ideas”

35+ Best Sofa Design Ideas For Amazing Living Room

The living room and more importantly the sofa that is part of it is one of the most important elements of interior design. This is because the living room is a room that is used throughout the house to relax and unwind, and a comfortable and aesthetic sofa can change the entire look and feel of the living room. Today we will look at some of the trendy sofa designs this year. We will explore some of the popular sofa styles and types of houses that are most suitable for them. We will also discuss various styles such as minimalist style, industrial style, classic and vintage styles among many others.

Living Room Sofa

The cost of the sofa ranges quite widely. It is very difficult to determine the range because there are many factors that contribute to the cost of the sofa. Design, style, material, maker, age, ancient times, and size, along with many other factors, all contribute to the cost of the sofa. Continue reading “35+ Best Sofa Design Ideas For Amazing Living Room”

50 Traditional Living Room Design As Your Favorite Place Ideas in Home

Traditional living room design is an expansive category that includes a wide range of decorating styles from French country to neoclassical. Think classic furnishings, elegant wallpaper, beautiful curtains, antique accents, patterned or textured rugs, statement lighting, and last but not least, thoughtful color schemes. But do not think spaces like these feel overdone or stuffy. These days interior designers are giving traditional style a fresh and modern twist.

Elegant living rooms display fine design without appearing flashy. And it’s harder than it sounds. Both chairs and the sofa have beautifully rolled arms as well as subtle curves at the back. The windows are adorned with curved Roman shades in a damask tone-on-tone that underlie simple pleated silk panels. Altogether, the curves convey a shapely beauty that ties the room together.

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