25+ Minimalist L-Shaped Kitchen Design For Small Kitchen Ideas

When designing a functional kitchen, it must always be remembered – that is, the distance between your sink, stove, and refrigerator. The L-shaped kitchen fits the edge of this triangle, into two sides of a triangle. The L-shaped layout is best used in small and medium-sized spaces, which fly closer to the efficiency guidelines of the work triangle to deploy workstations with a distance of no more than 1,200 mm. However, a great kitchen is not only a matter of rules but also about how that space feels and inspires you to make extraordinary food.

Minimalist L Shaped Kitchen Design

The kitchen is a strange room. This is a space that was originally designed for cooking but, over time, it has also become a social space where friends and family spend time together, where they chat when someone makes dinner or where they gather to socialize. But the kitchen must, first of all, be functional. This is a space where style is second but, however, should not be ignored. This is a space where everything must be perfectly balanced. Continue reading “25+ Minimalist L-Shaped Kitchen Design For Small Kitchen Ideas”